Powershell For Penetration Testing : Part 5


Based on Winrm

must Enable PS_remoting

set PSSESSION permission

set Windows firewall for run set- command

enable remoting required ADMIN


PSSESSION permission required ADMIN

set-PSSessionConfiguration -Name Microsoft.Powershell -ShowSecurityDescriporUI

Enter in computer session

Enter-PSSession -ComputerName Client02

Display trusted hosts

get-item WSMAN:\localhost\Client\TrustedHosts

set trusted hosts

set-item WSMAN:\localhost\Client\TrustedHosts -Value [* | Computername]

get firewall rule

get-NetFirewallrule | where DisplayName -Like "*windows management Tnstumentation*" | select Displayname, name, enable

set firewall rule

get-NetFirewallrule | where DisplayName -Like "*windows management Tnstumentation*" | set-NetFirewallrule -Enable True -Verbose


gcm *-PSSession*
Enter-PSSESSIon -Computername $computername
get-service -Comp $computername | select name ,status
EXIT # exit from that session

Invoke command run script remotely or run a block

help invoke-command -example
invoke-command -computername $computername -ScriptBlock {get-service | select name,status} | out-file service.txt #run block

cimsession same as pSSession use when module or set of cmdlet like dnsclient

get-DNSClientServerAddress -CimSession (New-CimSession -compuername $computername) # '()' use for nested command and this command giving DNS information

Happy Hacking … ;)




Developer , Pentester

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Developer , Pentester

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